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(Turkish) Young Doctors Platform (TYDP) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which was founded by a group of dedicated young doctors. Keeping national demands as priorities and dealing with regional and/or global trends, TYDP commits dynamic solutions to interdependent variables of healthcare system and postgraduate medical education.

Objectives of TYPD are:

  • Intensifying the communication of young doctors with each other across the country.
  • Proposing simplistic and easy-to-implement solutions for problems of young doctors.
  • Dealing with educational and working rights of young doctors.

Believing in the power of multidisciplinary approach, TYDP keeps its structure open to collaborate with all national healthcare-related organizations. TYDP’s policies generally stick to scientific methodology.

To reach its goals and objectives, TYPD is trying to constitute an umbrella organization for young doctors. TYDP is also working on building national and international partnerships. TYDP is an active member of Junior Doctors Network (of World Medical Association) and has applied for membership to European Junior Doctors (EJD).

The meaning of the logo

The main component of the logo is Rod of Asclepius —a serpent coiled around a staff, the true symbol—which represents physician's art. Adding a green leaf on top edge of Rod of Asclepius and coloring the staff in green we, emphasize the property of being young. Top positioning of the leaf presents the rise of young doctors.

Head of the serpent on the staff could be directed upward to further indicate this rise. But not doing so, we tried to underline that this rise will be perpetual and equanimity will be sustained.

By removing forked tongue which could mean hypocritical, deceitful, we give the message that, this kind of behavioral pattern will never be a part of the platform’s work.

Golden colored serpent projects platform’s vision, which desires to perform in order to serve for the golden age of medicine.

By placing two hands facing each other under the Rod of Asclepius, the duty of protecting young doctors and continuity of these properties was announced.

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